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“For me, the animal is the soul and the eyes are the true door to who we are. Through our eyes, we express our real essence, but only if we are brave enough to look and be looked at.”


curated by Ermanno Tedeschi
Art Jed Gallery – St. Moritz
1 April – 31 August 2021

After having travelled from Milan to Brussels, the animals so masterfully painted by Carla Chiusano reach Switzerland. The solo exhibition curated by Ermanno Tedeschi selects a dozen works that the Italian-born artist has created over the last few months: “The intensity and immediacy with which this work speaks to everyone is striking,” Mr Tedeschi observes. “When art is truly art, it has this quality: it breaks down barriers. It invites us to question ourselves. The high-precision, penetrating animal portraits, different for nature and habitat, powerfully bring out the theme of differences as an expression of innate elegance to be discovered and valued in a spirit of true integration. And this message could not be more topical”.

On the canvases of her new artistic project, the artist highlights the different national identities with a strong message that is as clear and decisive as the colours of a flag. With this idea, the artist sends a message to the world: there is no need to be afraid to emphasise and defend diversity and multiplicity of cultures, customs and traditions that are the result of a thousand-year-old history. Each corner of the planet has a story to tell and globalisation gives us the chance to explore and understand, not to conform.

Eagles, tigers, horses, cheetahs and zebras star in a curious, original exhibition where a game can be played in recognising the flags of the world, the lands you have been to and the far-off places you have never seen. A cartographic summary colours the face of a large stag, in which the symbols of the various countries are not flanked according to physical boundaries, but rather chromatic integration, forcing a redesign of boundaries in a spirit of harmonic global identity.

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