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Conversations on Carla's art

A documentary by Mimmo Calopresti

"Being able to analyze oneself by looking
at a picture is like finally getting wings
and being able to fly.”

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always communicated through drawing: if I wanted to ask my parents for something I did so with a humorous sketch.

But in front of Mimmo Calopresti’s camera, I tried to talk about myself in words, my own and those of the others: from the psychologist Metello Corulli to the critic Luca Beatrice, from the gallery owner Massimo Ferrarotti to my artist friend Chiara Dynys, from the publisher Umberto Allemandi to the historian Marco Meneguzzo. And, last but not least, the maestro Pino Pinelli, with whom it was such fun to be captivated by Caravaggio.

An amazing journey along my artistic path and even further, to my inner world, together with extraordinary companions.

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